Are you sure that the water you are drinking every day is clean and safe enough? Poor quality water can lead to health issues as well as poor living conditions. The water you use for cleaning your dishes or clothes, or for taking a bath can also affect your health and living conditions. Negative impacts of poor water quality may indicate you need repiping sewer & water lines.

If you want to use clean water you should be sure that your home’s main water line pipe is clean and in proper working order. If you have doubts call (559) 540-2399 at Plumbing Fresno, CA right away for your peace of mind. We specialize in repairing and replacing broken and leaking water lines.

You may require a complete water line replacement or repiping sewer & water lines if:

  • your water line plumbing is broken,
  • your tap water is brown or cloudy,
  • you are losing water pressure.

Reasons for repiping a water line

Water line repipe is a costly service, so before committing to it, you should make sure that you actually need it. For the best advice, turn to professionals who will tell you whether or not you need a water line repipe. The water service line is a pipe that comes into the home from a municipal utility. Any work that is needed on the water service line is often the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes a repair or replacement. A few guidelines can help homeowners decide the next step.

Factors to consider

Here are 3 factors for you to consider when thinking about repiping sewer & water lines:

  • Material.
  • Age.
  • Price for a repair.

Knowing these allows you to make an informed decision. You will need help from a licensed plumber to give this information and a good advice.

Repiping your home plumbing

You know that you have issues with plumbing, but you are not sure how to fix them. Contact Plumbing Fresno, Ca and plumbing engineers will give you the right advice and help.

Remember, repiping means you might not have water for a while, so be prepared for it. Our team of technicians will highly appreciate if the kitchen and bathroom are clear. Then plumbing specialists have space to work and can reach the pipes without having to empty cabinets.

Once the team is over, they will go around the house to make sure that the working area is protected. Then they can proceed to the repair without making a mess in your house. This means covering carpets or other floor areas not to damage your property.

Water line repipe

Considering that water line repiping is a big scale and complicated process, it’s for the best to book a plumbing and sewer pipe inspection instead of remodeling your house.

Your main water line brings fresh water to your house, starting at the water meter underground through your yard and finally entering the house.

When your underground pipe oxidizes, corrodes and becomes clogged with mineral deposits, or develops serious leaking problems, it is time to call on our master plumbers for an assessment, a free cost estimate, and probably main water line repair.

You can never be 100% sure if you need a complete water line replacement. It’s always better to check first because maybe your water line requires a repair rather than a repipe. Call (559) 540-2399 at Plumbing Fresno, CA and schedule an appointment to inspect your plumbing pipes first. Once the problem is clear, our technicians will give you a detailed recommendation and an accurate estimate of the work. We specialize in plumbing repipe and water line repair, so contact us for fast & accurate service.



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