Sewer Locating & Repairs

Sewers repair and mainline locating services are highly beneficial for commercial and residential remodels. Maybe, you want to construct a structure on your property or add a room to your home. It doesn’t matter, whatever you need, we are here to help you. Contact us and get professional assistance that’s fast, efficient and affordable.

When you choose Plumbing Fresno, CA for mainline locating services, you are getting dedicated professionals passionate about doing a job well done. In addition, you will see the professionalism and positive attitude of our specialists.

Using the latest technology, Plumbing Fresno, CA makes sewers repair without tearing up a lawn or sidewalks. It means, no additional dirt and trouble. We are sparing you any inconvenience. By inserting a camera or similar line into a sewer pipe through an access inside the house, our plumbers use a handheld radio transmitter to pinpoint the exact location to dig.



Always turn to professionals

When you hire a skilled sewer locating service, they will finish the job very quickly. Moreover,  you will save money on the major landscape repairs trial.

Actually, most “do it yourself” methods for locating a sewer line require quite a lot of guesswork. Besides, even the most detailed guides require hard work and specific knowledge. Moreover, the work can be harder if it requires access to a sidewalk or street. So, hiring a professional plumber from Plumbing Fresno will be more efficient.

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The reasons for using sewer lines

  • checking the problems with other utility lines,
  • determining changes in pipe sizes,
  • founding out if a neighbor tied his sewer to your pipeline,
  • finding lost items in the sewer line, etc.

Modern sewer tools

Modern sewer tools are now available. They make spot sewers repair more possible than they were previously. Locating and repairing sewer lines were very difficult. Sometimes, excavations were located in the wrong place. Moreover, usually the actual defect in the pipe was in a different location

Hence, these tools can be effectively used only by experts. Professionals of Plumbing Fresno CA have appropriate skills and knowledge to use these tools and techniques. With them, our experts effectively pinpoint sewer problems and solve them.

Traditional sewer cleaning machine

We don’t recommend you to use a traditional sewer cleaning machine on your own. You need a skilled professional who can use it in order for it to be effective. If you don’t use it in the right way the machine can get stuck inside a sewer line. Even worse it can be forced out of a broken pipe and become irretrievable. If you don’t have the skills you are unable to clear stoppages. Furthermore, you can spoil the pipe that is in good condition. As you may guess this will cost you more than asking a professional to do high-quality sewer cleaning.

Water Jetting

There are a lot of various water jetting machines that can clear out the stoppages that a sewer cleaning machine cannot. Water jet can also clear out sewer stoppages for short-term relief until you replace a drain pipe. This can be critically important for properties like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

In other cases, such as grease stoppages, a water jet can totally clear out the problem. For example, a water jet if used with a sewer cleaning machine, a water jet can clear roots previously loosened with the machine.

A sewer video camera inspection

If you want a proper diagnosis to inspect the sewer problem, you need to use a sewer camera, which doesn’t lay around a lot of households. Before proceeding to clean, it’s for the best to see what’s inside with a camera. Whereas in the past a technician had to guess it is there a back-pitched or broken pipe, a camera gives concrete proof and an exact distance.

With camera inspection, the technician can know exactly where the problem is and reach it right there, instead of spending time on trial and error. Moreover, if the technician reaches to the wrong place and tries to fix a non-existent problem there, it might most probably create another problem. Don’t take educated guesses, book a camera inspection service and be sure of what the technician is repairing.


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