Sewers and Drains

Always turn to professionals

Are you facing problems with your used water? If so, you need to figure out a plan of action as quickly as possible. And, do it before the situation gets out of hands. Indeed, when it comes to water issues, fixing sewers & drains on your own is not an option. So, you should turn to professionals. With Plumbing Fresno CA you will learn how disposing of used water wisely could help avoid blockages and prevent similar accidents.

In conclusion, if your property has been affected by sewage flooding, please let us know straight away by calling our 24-hour emergency number – (559) 540-2399.

The difference between a drain and a sewer

A drain is a pipe that drains water and waste from a building. A lateral drain carries wastewater away from your property. It’s often located under a public pavement or road. While sewer collects water and waste from the drains of a number of buildings. Publicly your water companies owe and maintain most of the sewers. However, there are still some sewers which have private owners. Some people have a connection to a cesspool, septic tank or treatment plant, and not to a sewer. Actually, you won’t have to pay sewerage charges to a sewerage company if you have no connection to a sewer.

Repairs to drains

According to official regulations, property owners are responsible for maintaining or repairing any drains inside the boundaries of your property. Hence, if an accident occurs, you will have to pay for this work. However, but you are free to choose whichever company you want to do the work. Sometimes, you may have insurance for the drain to your property.

In some circumstances, your local authority environmental health department can order you to carry out improvement work or replace a private drain.

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Repairs to sewers

Sewers & drains connected to the public network used to be the responsibility of the property owner. However, local water companies now maintain most of them. If you have any problems with your sewer & drain, for example, if it’s blocked, contact your local water company.

Your water company can enter your property if it needs to inspect or maintain the sewer.

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