Winter Plumbing Preparation


Frozen pipes are one of the most common and most preventable problems in winter.
To prevent pipes from freezing and bursting under pressure, cover exposed outdoor pipes with insulating foam, and disconnect hoses from spigots to ensure that water does not go back up into the pipes and freezes. Next, cover spigots with foam covers to insulate your pipes against the low temperatures. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, turn it off and drain it to prevent future damage.

Find and fix any leaks ahead of time! A leak is a pipe’s weakest spot, and if frozen it will be the most likely place to burst.
Prepare your outdoor faucets. Remove and drain your water hoses and store them indoors before the first temperature drop.
Wrap the pipes in unheated areas of the home. This is crucial, for mobile homes. You may find it easy to install kits in hardware shops that include a thermostat. These kits can help you fight the winter dangers for a long period of time.
If you are planning on selling your home or traveling for a warm vacation for winter, cut off the water, in your home, completely.



Your HVAC unit is your best friend when it comes to enjoying a comfortable winter.
Be sure to get an HVAC system tune-up to prevent untimely malfunctions and save money on your winter energy bills without the having to lower the thermostat. Your heating unit is a high-voltage appliance, and it would be best to hire an HVAC technician for this service rather than risking your health and safety trying to fix it yourselves. Many companies offer annual maintenance plans which ensure that your system keeps running smoothly and efficiently all year long.

Fall is also a good time to have your ductwork cleaned. Seeing as the quality of indoor air is mainly a winter issue (when windows are left closed to keep the house warm), a yearly duct cleaning can be extremely beneficial to your respiratory health and the performance of your heating unit.

It is advisable to drain and maintain your water heater at this time each year. It is a little harder to do on your own, but you can call a plumbing technician can for the occasion.
Do not forget to service your furnace. Make sure your filters are clean, and all major repairs are conducted well before the winter season.



Ice often accumulates on power lines during a winter storm, so, it is important for you to be prepared in the event of a power outage.

Save up a supply of fully charged batteries for flashlights and a portable power supply for your cell phone. Be sure to include the contact of an electrician available for emergency service calls in your emergency kit! To lower your stress level during an emergency, it would be best to choose your electrician or service company before an emergency occurs (although one cannot say when something can go wrong).

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